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Generally thought of as the best analyst in the violent crimes section. Agent Colton: Okay, if he wants to come and do you a favor, great. Dana, if I can break a case like this one, I'll be getting my bump up the ladder. I closed my eyes before I walked into my room, 'cause I thought that one day when I opened them my sister would be there. You know I'm still walking into that room, everyday of my life. This area of the ice sheet was formed over a meteor crater. Mulder: Well, if you were a terrorist, there probably isn't a more potent symbol of American progress and prosperity. This was a trap for Mulder because he helped put you away. As are rigor, livor and levels of sodium in the blood.

The failure of the Hubble Telescope and the Mars Observer are directly connected to a conspiracy to deny us evidence. Instead, I've got some dead man robbing jewelry stores and sending me haikus. You mean in a sense of outrage, like the reaction to the Kennedy assassinations or M. A.s or radiation experiments on terminal patients, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Roswell, the Tuskegee experiments, where will it end? Scully: [voiceover] A complete model or psychological profile of the death fetishist does not exist. Mulder: [voiceover] The conquest of fear lies in the moment of its acceptance. "Mulder: Well, the press called the murderer "The Slash Killer." His three victims were all young women aged twenty-five to thirty. He would carve the word "SISTER" on their chests and paint it on the wall with their blood.And of course there are those futurists who believe the Space Shuttle is a rusty old bucket that should be mothballed. Mulder: No, no, it was five hours of Boggs "channeling." After three hours I asked him to summon up the soul of Jimi Hendrix and requested 'All Along the Watchtower'. Extracutenous stains and residues can indicate the use of poison or toxins.A dinosaur spacecraft built in the 70's by scientists setting their sights on space in an ever declining scale. Beatty: Well, I've seen fire bend around corners, seen it bounce like a rubber ball. You know, the guy's been dead for 20 years but he hasn't lost his touch. One of his boys is an all-star on his football team now. Hair and fibres, slivers of glass, plastic, even insect casings can serve to recreate the circumstances under which death occurred... Mazeroski: There's something I think you ought to see first. They're followers of a guy named Odin that moved out here from California three years ago and bought a ranch. well, I think that you're going to find it all comes from the same root source.

And of the events that occurred at Mount Avalon between the 11th and 13th of November, 1994, mine stands as the only record. We're talking about revisiting the very origin of the earth, peering into the fire where it all began - a human endeavor more important even than man's exploration of space. We had seven rapes here last year by high school boys. this, this business of the kids being found in the woods... Then my life felt as if had been the length of one breath.. I never knew how much I loved my daughter until I could never tell her... But what if more than biological traits get passed down from generation to generation? Melissa Scully: I don't have to be psychic to see that you're in a very dark place. Willingly walking deeper into darkness cannot help her at all. I mean, unless there was a neon sign saying "Dig Here" --Mulder: Well, on a basic cellular level, we're the sum total of all our ancestors' biological matter.You even begin to doubt what you know is the truth. They are not creatures that go around attacking people. The man we both knew paid for that information with his life - A sacrifice I'm not willing to make. made us feel like nothin' could touch us, you know? A dentist who examined them said they could not have been done with any of the current equipment in use.. When I got to the top of Skyland Mountain, I saw an unmarked helicopter working the area. It is somehow easier to believe, as Agent Bocks does, in aliens and UFOs, than in the kind of cold-blooded inhuman monster who could prey on the living to scavenge from the dead.Salvatore Matola: They said it'd be like living two lifetimes. We-we'd do 24 hour patrols, night ambushes, y'know, and that type of thing. I believe that Agent Krycek gave away the whereabouts of Duane Barry and Agent Scully to whoever he's working with. And I will never, ever, ever, ever have to face that. Ausbury: My religion, my family, Agent Mulder, goes back in this town seven generations. People would say to me "Life is short." "Kids, they grow up fast - Before you know it, it's over." I never listened. It's been said that the fear of the unknown is an irrational response to the excesses of the imagination. I know the world is full of predators, just as it has always been.